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Welcome to Bordertown!

As Farrel Din says over at the Dancing Ferret, "First one's free, kid!" So enjoy these tales of the Border from some of our authors.

After's up to you.

"The idea [behind the Bordertown Series] is this: The gate to Elfland has reappeared in our world, and around it stretches a border where neither magic or technology works quite right. Bordertown is a place unlike any city but also like a bit of them all. Runaways come from both sides of the border to find adventure. Elves play in rock bands and race down the street on spell-powered motorcycles. Humans have the freedom to recreate themselves but have to cobble together ways of doing what was once for granted with a combination of iffy magic and ingenuity. But all isn't fun and happy-ever-after in the clubs and squats of the bohemian Soho neighborhood or even in the high-priced elvin homes on Dragon Hill. Prejudice, addiction, and revenge walk hand in hand with the artists, poets, and musicians of the city, gangs of elves and humans are constantly at war or in uneasy truce, and surviving sometimes depends on discovering skills you didn't know you had."

—Annette Curtis Klause


From the editors of Welcome to Bordertown

Holly Black
Ellen Kushner
Terri Windling


The Wall by Delia Sherman
Cruel Sister by Patricia A. McKillip
Stairs in her Hair by Amal El-Mohtar
(music by Gabriel Bouchard, read by Dounya El-Mohtar)


From Welcome to Bordertown

A Prince of Thirteen Days

by Alaya Dawn Johnson

Shannon's Law

by Cory Doctorow
(also available as an audio file from Escape Pod)

The Rowan Gentleman

by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, read by Kara Grace
(audio file from Escape Pod)

Ours Is The Prettiest

by Nalo Hopkinson, read by Nalo Hopkinson
(audio file from Escape Pod)

From Borderland and Bordertown:


by Emma Bull and Will Shetterly


by Terri Windling

Alison Gross

by Midori Snyder