Praise for Welcome to Bordertown


"Bordertown: where the human and faerie worlds intersect, a place populated by runaways and the lost, powered by an unreliable mix of magic and technology.

"Thirteen years ago, the way to this shared world was closed after four anthologies (The Essential Bordertown, 1998, etc.) and three novels (Elsewhere, 1991, etc.). Now, Kushner (one of the original contributors) and Black (who grew up reading the original tales) have reopened the way, and once again teens uncomfortable in the world—or just looking for excellent fantasy fiction—can escape to it. This is punk-rock, DIY fantasy, full of harsh reality and incandescent magic."

"After 13 years of being 'closed' to the outside world (and 13 years since the publication of Terri Windling's original anthologies), Bordertown has reopened to a new generation of runaways, misfits, and dreamers."

"It's easy to be transported by each entry's rich details and compelling characters... Every contribution brings something valuable and new... and readers will leave richer for having had the Bordertown experience, and eager for more."

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"Q&A With Holly, Ellen, and Terri," Random Buzzers. Editors Holly Black, Ellen Kushner, and series creator Terri Windling answer readers' questions about Welcome to Bordertown.

"A Medley of Authors (Re)Visiting One Magical City: Welcome to Bordertown" by Karen Meisner, Strange Horizons. With Christopher Barzak, Charles de Lint, Amal El-Mohtar, Nalo Hopkinson, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Annette Curtis Klause, Ellen Kushner, Dylan Meconis, Tim Pratt, Sara Ryan, Delia Sherman, Will Shetterly, Janni Lee Simner, and Jane Yolen.

GGG #37: Ellen Kushner by John Joseph Adams, David Barr Kirtley, from Geek's Guide to the Galaxy (podcast)

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Contributor Commentaries

"I Have Walked in the Place I Dreamed Of" by Annette Curtis Klause,

"Drawing Your Way Into Bordertown" by Dylan Meconis,

"Finding the Way" by Sara Ryan,

"Border Crossings" by Tim Pratt,

"The Big Idea: Ellen Kushner" by Ellen Kushner

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