Bordertown FAQ

Bordertown art Dylan Meconis

Frequently asked questions:

How many books are in the Borderland series?

To date, there are five anthologies and three novels. You'll find a complete list on the Books page.

Do you need to read the books of series in order?

Not really. If you do read them in order, then you might notice small threads of character development between some of the stories—but the books can easily be read alone or in any order.

Are any of the older Borderland books still in print?

Yes! The fourth anthology is still in print: The Essential Bordertown: A Traveller's Guide to the Edge of Faerie (edited by Terri Windling & Delia Sherman, Tor Books). This is a collection of all new Bordertown stories (and a Bordertown travel guide!), not a compilation of stories from the previous volumes. (The title confused some readers!)

Two of the novels are still in print: Elsewhere and Nevernever by Will Shetterly.

Go to the Books page for more information, and links to where you can buy them on (If you purchase new books through our links, some of the money you spend is donated to a charity for homeless kids.)

How do I find the three out-of-print anthologies (Borderland, Bordertown, Life on the Border), or the out-of-print novel (Finder)?

We suggest trying used book stores and used book services like

Are you going to bring these books back into print?

We hope so! It depends entirely on sales of the new book, so if you'd like to see the old books back in print, please help us spread the word about the new one.

Will there be more Borderland anthologies and novels?

See the answer above!

Will there be ebook versions of the Bordertown books?

Yes, by golly, there will! We don't know precisely when yet, but plans are afoot to make them available just as soon as we possibly can! When we know what the publication date will be, we'll announce it here.

Is "The Last Hot Time" by John M. Ford a Bordertown book?

No, it is not. John M. Ford borrowed characters and settings from the Bordertown world, but turned them into a tale that is unique to him. His novel is not consistent with the rest of the Bordertown series and, although clearly inspired by series, is not part of the same "shared world." It can be viewed as a related novel, or as an "alternate world Bordertown"—but it is not part of the Bordertown series canon.

I love Bordertown and I want to play too. Can I publish a Bordertown story or novel?

We're really sorry to say this, but no, you can't. The Bordertown world and characters are under copyright.

If I can't publish a Bordertown series story, can I do what John M. Ford did in "The Last Hot Time": borrow characters and settings from Bordertown to use in a world of my own creation?

No, this too would be a copyright violation.

What is your policy on Bordertown fan fiction, fan art, and fan RPGs?

Fan fiction, fan art, and fan RPGs are fine—as long as they are entirely non-commercial and you stay within certain limitations, which are outlined in the Bordertown Fan Fic Guidelines. Please be sure to read the Guidelines before you start.

Who the heck is Bellamy Bach, and who really wrote the Borderland stories attributed to him?

Bellamy Bach was a psuedonym used by several different writers back in the 1980s, so when you come across a "Bellamy" story, poem, or book, it could have been written by any one of them. Terri Windling is the only member of the group who has outed herself, so we won't name the others here. All the Borderland stories published under the "Bellamy" name are Terri's, but everything else attributed to Bellamy is the work of other writers.

Terri says: "In those days, I was known in the fantasy field as an editor, and I felt a bit shy about writing too. I didn't invent the Bellamy Bach pseudonym, which had already been used for a variety of publications by other writers—I simply asked if I could borrow him for Bordertown. Writing as 'Bellamy' helped me to develop a different kind of writing style than I'd used for adult fiction, and gave me a sense of freedom. But since it's long been an 'open secret' that the Bellamy Bordertown stories are mine (albeit written by a very much younger me!), I've agreed to put my own name on them this time around."

Got more questions? Read this in-depth interview with series creator Terri Windling & Welcome to Bordertown editors Ellen Kushner & Holly Black.

The art on this page is by Dylan Meconis.